Dom omladine Beograda

Dom omladine Beograda

Belgrade Youth Center  is an institution of education and culture  of the City of Belgrade , which is already 50 years old, more  than 1964Creates and organizes programs for youth in association with young people. In its range of activities Youth covers all art disciplines and forms: music, film, theater, visual arts and new media. Equally important place in the program activities take up debate and Debate programs, in terms of analyzing current topics in various fields (popular and traditional culture, philosophy, social issues, science, literature, science fiction, music ...), as well as programs based on a compound arts and Science. Special attention was paid to the educational program, which is for students absolutely free and is realized through numerous workshops and lectures in various fields. One of the main tasks of the Belgrade Youth Center is to continually create conditions for the further education of young people through non-formal and peer education.


Continue Makedonska 22, 11000 Beograd

Dom omladine Beograda

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